Meeting people for the first time.Were not too good at this, but were told that when you hit a milestone (in this case making 63,000 friends on here as of this morning ) that the neighborly thing to do is introduce yourselves-So here goes !HI Nice to meet you! Tereasa and David here (and our daughter Charlie).We run a little nearly century old summer camp in Wisconsin. (Other former owners have been a madame and the Catholic Church – stories for another day).We run this place as a labor of love. We bought it 16 years ago (because we couldnt stomach the thought of it getting torn down).We love breathing new life into old things. Be that buildings, objects, traditions or human spirit. A big chunk of the events we give to not-for-profits, charities that support schools, inner city kids and the arts. We have an outdoor church that seats 200 that we donate to the local community for Catholic mass in the grass Sundays from Memorial Day to Labor Day. (Sadly, This is the first season since 1961 that we couldnt share it. Holding out hope for 2021).We work full time day jobs (then work here).We have a 14.5 year old mutt who goes by Frankie – who is our heart.We accept those who accept everyone. (Hate has no home here) We want folks to know that this feed is fed by the creative community that built us, so we use this virtual social space to share our daily inspiration – (and so much of that comes from our guests).We have something called the manifesto of low expectations that prepares people for their stay with us (because we arent a glamping resort – we get creative, low maintenance, DIY folks here that we love).A little story about who we are and who we want to be is on todays profile line link. So….welcome to our home. Its nice to meet you here on this feed, but we really hope to meet you someday in person. And when you do, youll most easily spot us as the ones dragging out trash bags, or hauling picnic tables around. But be warned, we may ask you to pick up an end with us #community Pics here are from @midwestlivingmag story a few years ago ( titled We Bought A Camp!). Charlie is now 9