CHEFS & ARTISTS are our favorite people.(Its partly because we cant cook or make art ourselves, so we have mad love & respect for those who do)This past week, weve been hosting the @THEjaunt artist-in-residence camp for these talented humans:@ellenrutt @bakpakdurden @davheo @kellyknaga (These artists make prints, 25% of the profit from @thejaunt sales goes to various LGBTQ & food pantry charities in Chicago & Detroit)One of the other fav parts of this week, is the honor of having two artists (who are also chefs) join: @CodyTumblin /@cookingAesthetics_ & @dreamcaketestkitchen Take over the #WandawegaHillhouse kitchen turning it into the most culinary messhall a campground has ever seen. Dinner last night with @struggle_inc & @lori_seidemann was the cherry on top.Our hearts and stomachs are full, We are so grateful to have this place to share with people and causes that are important to us.*all photos shared by the artists & crew