Anybody like splitting wood? (weve got a job for you).But well have to take you to the woodshed…This is actually a horse windbreak that we had a northwoods Amish family build for us this spring. We stained the inside planks, hit the outside with a few coats, added a Carhardt yellow roll-down canvas drop front, and kitted out its walls with a multi-bin wood crib. (To keep all our different species of wood and kindling separated into neat, dry, OCD piles).Its currently parked by the rustic camping cluster Scout tents on skids (so we can move it around with a bobcat & extended forks). On a rainy day it keeps firewood, campers (and their spirits) dry. Makes being taken to the woodshed a little more tolerable. The only challenge is keeping it stocked.Honest question: Is there such a thing as a lumberjack internship? Like a work-for-college-credit-in-forestry-school kinda thing?Asking for a friend. Although…we do have 25 wooded acres here and not enough hands. .. @katebe_ & @nathanmichael @luk.e