Every self respecting camp should have these. But we never have.They arent one-of-a-kind (you can find enamel mugs lots of places). But theyre special to us, cause it will help us get better at equipping campers for the great outdoors.So were finally stocking all the camp kitchens (and just added them to our campstore).They hold 16 oz of anything, and come in three colors.They were meant to hold up to anything (even being thrown in a campfire).Like everything we do, we wanted to do our homework on the history & origins of this camp staple.WHAT WE LEARNED ABOUT ENAMEL:It arrived in North America in the 50s. Standard decorations by region: USA: plain enamel & speckled.UK: white enamel w/navy blue brim. SWEDEN: cream w/green frame. HOW ENAMEL MUGS ARE MADE IN 10 HARD STEPS:-Cutting of the metal disk-Punching the mug mold-Wash + dry-Weld on handle-Firing-Enamel internal color + dry-Enamel exterior color + dry-Ceramic decal application-Fire again-Enamel edge + dry-Final fire Enamelware is made of steel, so it conducts heat better than other mugs. Thats why IT FEELS HOT IN YOUR HANDS. (Use with caution, campers).WARM MUG, WARM HEARTS, FRIENDS.Love,Camp