An elderly man showed up one day at our doorstep – holding a photo album of the vacation he took here with his family almost 71 years ago.This is him with his sister, arriving for their two week stay (which was the norm at the time).These are memories, that he can still relive in detail because his mother documented everything so well. He remembers how his mom Insisted that his sister have her hair pin curls done before they arrived. That they needed to dress up – down to the loafers (zoom in) for the dinners in the lodge. His dad, always with a stogie, and being the commander of the rowboat.But mostly, he recalls the fishing and swimming and catching late night fireflies. Which are what you want your kids to remember. We are so honored to have met this old gent. And inspired to take more family vacations that have a fraction of a chance of being that memorable.Ever think about what will become of your memories of vacations – decades later?Bless his mom in her espadrilles and updo, posing for this family portrait, reading the newspaper on the hilltop Adirondacks (that is still here)We rebuilt so much of camp from the details we discovered in his album full of photos. We recreated the loungers. The entrance sign. The rock ring boarders. A pergola. Hydrangea bushes. Flower boxes. (Even a 900 pound 18 foot Adirondack style log fence).So, we are throwing this out into the universe in hopes that somebody, somewhere, has other photos or memories of Wandawega Inn/Hotel Wandawega (1925 – 1942)Wandawega Lake Resort(1940s – 1961)Vandavega (1961-2003)to share.Its our obsession to turn back the clock on this place (no detail too small). Shout if you are a genealogist, historical researcher- or know somebody who knows how to dig up secrets that were buried during the Prohibition era (we have almost no photo documentation from the era).We want to Dig up the past.Embrace the present.Preserve it for the future.So maybe someday 71 years from now, somebody else will remember that the best things are the simple things that really never change.