Sadly, last night a group was forced to cancel their camp stay this coming weekend due to COVID. (Sending them good vibes )…Which also means that we have last minute rare openings for both levels of our bunkhouse at peak fall season for THIS weekend. Since this is happening last minute, were gonna do a first-come-first-serve for 30% off. These are open to anyone as few as one person or up to 12.- (youll just also get extra empty rooms to bounce around in, since we are only able to rent via multiple rooms in blocks here). This is for a 2 day min for either the top/mid bunkhouse or rustic camping cluster. Its DIY booking by going to distancing is our first priority, so even though we are on 24 private and remote acres here, we have shut off some of our cabins entirely for the season, so we can host fewer, smaller, separate groups for “self-guided” camp stays. To get the discount hit contact host button on the Airbnb listing and in the message ask for the 30% off reduced rate, well then custom set the price for whoever the first takers are. Love, Camp W .Photos :@bobcoscarelli @aimeemazzenga @nelsoncash