Once upon a time, we hosted a little fall dinner party in our backwoods. We did crafts, played games drank hot spiked cider (and then we ate all the decorations & the tablescape).If youre hosting a fall get together & in search of weird art that you can eat, here are some of our favs from this TB:.(Zoom in )These mushrooms are actually marshmallows with apples hats. These pine cones are really a block of creme cheese crammed with almonds. These acorns are Hershey kisses with vanilla wafer hats and butterscotch chip tips. These stems on the caramel apples are just tree branches shoved into the cores Feeling the social distancing blues these days – miss styling dinner parties for friends here. (There will never be enough time for dressing up with friends and dressing up tables and dressing up the camp taxidermy in tiny hats to take a seat at the table). *See if you can spot the five different stuffed creatures hidden in these scenes.Wishing that this Wisconsin peak fall season could stretch out farther. Miss these friends & fall models : @alliesnail @naimanaito @minimalist.ish , Olen Photos: Tillie Barbosa