Who wants one? The newest addition from the (very) unofficial Camp Wandawega Infirmary. DISCLAIMER: THIS ISNT GONNA SAVE YOUR LIFE…..But it could make it slightly more tolerable, should you suffer rope burns on the tire swing, need to bandage a bluegill bitten nipple or any number of other minor camp-inflicted ailments. Introducing : The Wandawega First Aid Kit.Its a 41-piece-emergency-set in a backpack-sized metal travel case.Its honestly unremarkable, other than its the only set whos helvetica wrapped bandage packaging made us – and you wont find this anywhere in the world other than our campstore. We held out for years buying every vintage kit that we could get our paws on (7th shot)…. until we found one that has the rounded metal corners like the original 1950s Red Cross Kits. Be still our little OCD design loving hearts Shout out below if you want us to mail you one – (and tag a friend, well ship them one, too) . Picking four people at random cause the only thing that we love more than making these little historic throwbacks is giving them away to fellow design nerds.Picking a few folks tomorrow night to give them new homes – well wrap up in our little swag bag care packages to ship out to good homes.Cause nothing says camp more than coming home with battlescar stories dressed up in bandaids.Love,CampWandawega.com/campstore