My sister Amy talks to animals..Shes a self-taught photographer.But what I find even more incredible is that she didnt pick up a camera until she had her two kids and was in EMT school, while also holding down two part time jobs. I dont know where she found the time, but she did – because she loved doing it. And still does. When it can feel like Instagram is dominated by selfies on made-for-social backgrounds its the hard-to-get moments like these that I respect so much.These photos meant getting up before the sun, to wait for hours on end for that animal to look right at her. I swear she has conversations with them.Its not fast or easy. The fact that she doesnt promote it, hustle her work or obsessively post is another reason I respect her work (and her) so much. She just does it because she loves it and then sometimes shell share it..There a quiet confidence in her photos – which is exactly why I think that we should take note and take notice. Someday if I can get just one damn chipmunk to look at me long enough to get one shot off- Ill feel like I accomplished something. Until then, Ill have to just keep using our taxidermy as models;they require a lot less patience.Well done, big sis: @amypoturnicki – And for the record, some of my fave shots are your BTS- that deer peeing will never get old ; )