It’s fall.Charlie should be back in school.She was looking forward to it, so were we.Like so many other kids, she’s remote learning.But instead of letting that feeling of pandemic anxiousness take over, we’re choosing instead to lean in on feeling grateful.Grateful for those in our lives who are making all of this so much more tolerable than it could be.Its the teachers. (That are educating, inspiring and literally helping to raise Charlie virtually.)Every teacher everywhere deserves some praise right now, But here in our little camp bubble, we wanted to pay respect to those holding court right now at Charlies school,@NearNorthMontessori.Its a place where they teach inclusion and acceptance. They teach kindness and math,They teach empathy and history. They teach the arts & science.They teach COMPASSION in a world that is sorely lacking.In a nutshell, they teach the power of community which in turns grows smart & caring kids.So today we are leaning in on that feeling of gratitude.For her school, the staff & fellow parents who check in on Charlie and invite her to remote play dates.For the huge part the school plays in helping to raise our daughter during a time thats harder than ever to be a parent.Every year, the NNMS community hosts a fundraiser to raise tuition for children from low income families to attend.We always donate a group camp stay.And although it’s not much when compared to what so many others give, we are grateful to have something with some value to donate to a meaningful cause, with human purpose.For the auction night, we make a film in hopes of encouraging folks to make a bid on our little donated family vaca package.We made this little birds eye view to accompany this years fundraiser auction item.Like so many other parents, we are hopeful that by the time the leaves are changing again next year, we’ll all be back in person, too.In the meantime – thank you, Near North Montessori.And thank you, teachers.This beautiful song is One Sunday Morning by Wilco – used with permission of our friends @wilco @glennkotche @stirratt2 (parents at NNMS).Thanks Jack for the footage! & @hows_it_golin for edit