What should we do with this little guy?A: RANGER STATION (for firewood, charcoal, kindling, campfire, grilling supplies)B: WHISKEY CABIN (a mobile booze cart)C: COFFEE SCOUT (a little coffee service trailer)D: TOURIST SHACK (a tiny rolling souvenir shop)E: SHORT STRAW(an overflow guest room for over served friends)Welcoming our newest addition to the Camp family, A 1940s teardrop trailer. Originating from California, this company constructed them from WWII plane skins after the war. And used surplus Jeep wheels. It was used for a (small) family, and was outfitted complete with a kitchen in the back.We just bought + bartered for it from our friends at @outcold_official (every once in a while, they thin their fleet of cool old rigs and just put this little guy up on the block).So weve decided to ask y’all what you would want to see the most here, and then make it into whatever folks would like to use the most.Here’s our first brainstorm- any other ideas??This is one of our many winter projects, that well be introducing in the spring.shots here:first one, for now, he’s just sitting here in the camp parking lot, waiting to learn what his future holds. Shots 2-10 are shots of the history of the humble teardrop trailer movement, first made popular in the 40s.