We FALLAll the canoe trips, hot boozy drinks, campfires and music. So we made our fav spiced (and spiked) apple cider for Halloween last night.A few bts shots for a fav fall camp feature story with friends @nathanmichael + @jolinerivera. We were asked to come up with a few simple & fast fall crafts. The easiest one was the hot toddy drink sleeves: we hit up the thrift stores for vintage wool sweaters. Wash hot and over dry to shrink up. Just cut off the cuffs for cup koozies, then upcycle the sleeves for instant leg warmers & then whip stitch the sweater body as a pillow cover. Fall crafts make us happy.But studies show that you are up to 37% happier when you combine crafting with spiking your hot cider with cinnamon schnapps. And add friends. Happy fall, friends!!