Taking a great big deep breath.(Along with a hearty dose of aromatherapy).Introducing Camp Scents…the first up in a new small series that we plan on rolling out over time. *launching this morning on our campstore First up: Pinewood ForestSmells like a campfire. Smokey. Mossy. With hints of pine. (Basically, Wandawega in a metal can).The story on the back label: Camp Wandawega is tucked away on 25 wooded acres. Years ago, while cleaning out old buildings, we found a stockpile of axes and two-man crosscut saws. They are artifacts from a century ago, when they where still felling the trees here by hand. As a tribute to the way things used to be done here, every season we now clear a few more of our fallen pines in the back acres to help keep our campfires burning. And so that visitors can leave here carrying the scent of pine with them.I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees. – Henry David ThoreauDETAILS:- 8 oz. Hand-poured soy wax- Made in the U.S.A. (In a one-man shop)- Cotton Wick- Comes with a handy church key opener on a leather tie.- Each candle assembled with hand stamped seal, packaged in a linen bag (and stuffed with camp swag)Take a deep breath with us. Its a beautiful day!