Its Veterans Day. So to celebrate those that protect us, we wanted to share one of our favorite Camper self portraits. …In the spirit of freedom and patriotism, @ChristinaGlickman came sporting her OG Girl Scout uniform (circa 1982).To show their appreciation to our military and veterans who serve to protect our freedom, every year on this day, the Girl Scouts participate in local parades and community events.One of our favorite examples of this is the earn your patch program that U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth (a Girl Scout alum and army veteran) created – designed to help Girl Scout groups connect with and honor our veterans.To earn their Honor Our Veterans patch they had to complete one of the following:* Complete a service project benefitting veterans.* Visit a veteran* Tell a veterans story.I think we could all take a cue from these girls – and earn our patch, by reaching out to a veteran today to thank them for all theyve done for us.This last photo is of the first veteran I ever met. My Grandpa and my uncle poo as we called him as kids : ) He was one of the teenage sailors who was lucky to survive after jumping into the flaming waters of Pearl Harbor. Hearing this story as a girl made me think of him on this day every year since.There are no words for the debt of gratitude we owe him – and to all veterans…today and everyday.