Going to good homes. 2021 is looking to be a good year! So we want to start celebrating earlier- By giving away our latest little camp swag kit – they will go to our guests (and were also mailing out a dozen to people randomly selected from comments here).The OG farmers almanac calendar, made for Camp Wandawega.Up until a few decades ago, every roadside cabin court, greasy spoon and seed store in the Midwest had one of these hanging behind the front desk. They were the original go-to for advice on everything from how to get a blood stain out to when to plant your beans. With 4,900 bits of information, you can get your conversion tables, breeding charts and first aid counsel all in one place. The Calendar Company has been making these advertising calendars for over 143 years. They started in Greeneville, Tennessee (scroll through to see their old factory & presses).Unchanged all these years later, theyre still a wealth of info from daily fishing guides to planting gardens by the signs, sun rise and sun set times, and weather. Were obsessed with the little unchanged details – from the tin strip at the top to the fact that they havent modernized their fonts. Ours just arrived, and are the un-fancy, utilitarian, old school originals. Just what we hoped for.Its comforting to discover that some places still make things like they used to.Mailing out a dozen this week tucked in a little box of swag- so drop us a line here, well pick randomly from comments below. (Were also putting them on our campstore this morning, too).