Making some new friends here. (Nice to meet you)Two of our New Years resolutions:see old friends that weve been missingbe better at getting to know the new ones were making here. (Which at times feel like our only interaction in this socially distanced world we are in).We just found ourselves hitting a new follower milestone, so we wanted to say to those weve yet to meet. its been a few months since we shared a pic of the fam here & some people are surprised to learn that that there is a literal mom and pop behind Camp.So… hi! 10 things you didnt know if youre one of the new (almost 2k) folks that just joined since sept Tereasa & David here (Amateur DIY innkeepers, co-camp counselors, occasional latrine cleaners).- Were the ones answering your DMs, while burning the midnight oil working day jobs (then our second jobs here keeping the roofs standing)- We bought this camp (in a near abandoned state) from the Catholic Church & have been restoring it ever since. – Were parents to a 10 year old, Charlie (the boss around here). – This here is Frankie, our mutt rescue from a high kill shelter a dozen years ago, and our second kid (who always has food stuck in is beard).- We are suckers for history (camp is listed on the National Register of Historic Places).- Were also suckers with thrift stores & barn sales which is how we furnished camp.(My boots are the same vintage & make as Eleanor Roosevelts & Davids shirt is an old BSA scoutmaster, my shirt is a 50s Pendleton – all together scored for under 100 bucks).- We dont just make and sell old souvenirs (we also rent cabins and rooms to groups big & little).- We believe in digging up forgotten history, shining a spotlight on it & preserving it. (Which is how all 3 of our camp books came about).A very modest cottage@hearst Found Free & Flea@clarksonpotter “The Forever Tree @randomhouse Hoping that 2021 will let us meet more friends in person (+ all the new ones here) – this small business is grateful for your support. Until then, wishing a warm & safe holiday season to you & all your family members (especially the furry ones).