Scroll for our surprise Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance. At the end of his life, my dad didnt have a cent to his name. 60yrs of breaking his back as a mechanic didnt pan out the way he dreamed & yet he always managed to give his 5 kids exactly what we needed.When we got camp, Dad gave us a gift: some rope, wood scraps & a few hours later, hed christened our tree by making his grandkids the same swing hed built for me as a kid.Years later the tree (and dad) died. But his swing remained. It inspired strangers to build a treehouse around it-inspired @crateandkids to make a mini of it-inspired @randomhouse to print a book About of the power of dads act of kindness to leave a legacy long after he left usA friend found & sent us this other treehouse built by one of our IG followers (who’s a shooter for @hipcamp) their post says Theyve entered to win #1 treehouse in the US. I thought about what dad would have said Well kid, thats one helluva compliment! UPDATE weve since talk to the (lovely) owners, who shared that their Inspiration was actually from their grandfathers farm shed (& lots of other treehouses) & They too, love recycled materials- & feel like kindred spirits.We never would’ve dreamed that ours (built from scraps & the generosity of volunteers) would come to life In so many waysTheir new version will surely outlive ours (which is just salvaged barn timber) There’s something comforting in knowing that after ours disintegrates,there will be another 1 still standingIt’d be a nicer world to be filled with more of dads Treehouses (1 more way his memory will outlive us) If that happens, we hope to visit them all- as a reminder that the legacy we leave behind for our kids has nothing to do w/moneyThanks Dad for leaving us w/inheritance in the form of shared inspiration.We try to channel your generosity of spirit every dayIn honor of dad we wont take $ to rent oursIf u want to rent u can support this couples dreams & business found it on Airbnb & they started #tullihasinthetrees We wish them success & their version to be filled w/folks making new memories#supportsmall