Christmas Card writing.(Unfort, our mutt Frankie does not share my enthusiasm for antique Christmas stamps & wood veneer envelopes).For our camp holiday cards, we commissioned our friend (artist @marina.kozak ) to draw the Wandawega fleet loaded up with Christmas trees. And realized that we need a bigger card (the 2021 version will include the new members of the fam).+ Wanda (79 Ford workhorse that I just smashed the bumper on ) +ScoutMaster (the 1940s teensie guest rowboat we just resurrected)+ our 75 year old tractor my little brother just restored and gifted us (on HIS birthday)+ 1940s Teardrop trailer- (that still needs a name and a purpose in life – leaning towards a whiskey / smores/ firewood trailer)#ideaswelcomeand… um- yes. Slim chance these cards are gonna arrive by Christmas. So I guess we should just call these Welcome to 2021 cardsBetter late than never?#trying