Love during covid.A dozen years ago, I did something Ive never done before or since.I stopped a very tall, very intimidating looking stranger on the street. He was stepping out of his Wagoneer – I asked him if he had a recco for mechanics, explaining that my husband and I had the same Jeep which was on it’s last leg.He said : Funny you ask, I was just stopped a couple days ago by a guy who asked me the same thing.(Turns out, that guy was my husband, David).We became fast friends.Patrick is a swiss army knife interior designer & architect (who also owns an insanely beautiful logging camp in the north woods, last pic).He became our architect/therapist on the #WandawegaHillhouse, helped us throw camp events, book launches, flea markets & has the thankless task of keeping me sane. Hes a modern dandy-meets-lumberjack. Brilliant & funny as hell.A few years ago, he conveniently met his soul mate (@mrbekker ) online, who inconveniently lives in the Netherlands.(Niels is a 64 Dutch speaking ray of sunshine who’s also a master gardener, travels the world for a living and makes a mean cocktail).This Christmas, these two have been a much needed reminder that even a pandemic and a 4101 mile divide cant stop love.(After 4 years growing their relationship while separated by an ocean, they just tied the knot in a tiny family ceremony in Amsterdam).Just heard this morning that Niels flight to Chicago has been cancelled, meaning that their first Christmas as Mr & Mr will now be spent together as it started, separated and online.Many of us are spending this holiday away from each other. This is the first Christmas in my lifetime I won’t get to go home to see my family.And then I look at Patrick & Niels – proof positive that we’re together even when we’re apart.Congratulations to two of my favorite humans on the planet.shots here by @DavidTsay & friends