The house piano.Guests dont seem to mind that its 110 year old keys are out of tune.All are welcome, toddlers to those at 2 am belting out Cohen’s Hallelujah.15 years ago when we got camp, it was one of the first things we wanted.We answered a local ad in the paper for FREE PIANO. must move it on your own. It took five of us, a flatbed trailer, a creeper, 2 dollies & 3 hours.We found out who it belonged to -Its owner had recently passed away- who had been an instructor at The University of Wisconsin.Having dedicated her entire lifetime teaching kids a skill that would serve them for their own lifetimes,she retired. The school gave her the piano to take home. Its pretty beat up, we could have found a way nicer one. But there’s something special about this one – it’s earned its patina through a century of being played.Last night, we watched a new film that gave me a new perspective on why we were attracted to this one (which makes no sense since none of us can play).Its here to share & so others can be inspired to share. Or learn. Or just pound keys. It doesn’t matter.Because its never been about the piano – its the time people spend with each other when they are playing it.So…if you dont find yourself crying when you watch SOUL you may not have one. It’s the make-you-ugly-happy-cry kind.Because whether youre ready or not, its gonna make you question your purpose in life. (Literally, what is your purpose & spark – who inspires you and what do you do that inspires others; how you play a role in the virtuous cycle).We have a feeling that maybe our purpose has something to do with adding more pianos to camp.Things to encourage play – opportunities to share an experience with each other, where skill is irrelevant.These new pianos might take on different forms: they could end up looking like a new artist residency cabin.Or a new altar for the congregation.We don’t know yet, but invite you to share your ideas.And to come play the house piano when you visit us.We think she’s still got a long life ahead of her.1st 5 pics: our house pianolat 5 pics: fav SOUL scenes