I wish there was a way to know you were living in the good old days before you actually left them. – Andy Bernard (The Office) Back in pre-pandemic (good old days) weve loved the past decade of taking camp out of the woods & hitting the road, (caravanning the airstream, 20 ft tipis, fleet of camp trucks & tents to urban corners.. to share camp with folks that cant make it to us in wisco)From hosting supper clubs with @SohoHouse +@LandAndSeaDept, throwing a flea market for @Rejuvenation, hosting workshops at @anthropologie , Camp sleepover at @msichicago, product launches at @crateandkids / NOD & at @Gant, @barnesandnoble (& so many other adventures) its always been fun.But Looking back now, we admit that we took the most meaningful part for granted… coming together to raise a glass, hanging with old friends & making new ones.So were looking forward.To a new year.To turning the corner on this pandemic so we can come together again like the Good Old Days.And when we do, well appreciate all the hangs together more, and not take for granted the gift of being able to enjoy each others company.Looking forward to sitting around the bonfire with yall again in 2021 – in the woods, in the city and in some new ways.Cheers to a New Year, and knowing that soon enough well be back in the good old days.