The way is plain, peaceful, generous – ABEExcerpt from Joes speech yesterday, when he quoted Lincolns congressional address.We couldnt agree more. (We want to frame it here now to add to our growing Abe collection).Honest Abe has been one of our patron saints – scattered around camp in various rooms and cabins, watching over us. A constant reminder of what honesty and integrity and democracy is.Something else Joe said last night that feels good to remember this morning :The way of democracyOf decencyof respectof honor.And commitment as patriots of this nation.There is nothing we cant do if we do it together. @reallykindofamazing – thanks for this first shot, its still one of our favs…. partially because my mom painted that portrait when she was 16, (we found it when we where cleaning out my grandmas attic- it was one of our first pictures that we hung up at camp 16 years ago.)The last shot is an over-painted portrait of Abe donated to the graduating class of 1918 (we found this one in Davids parents basement- they discovered it when they bought the house nearly 50 years ago).One more bit of Abe wisdom that feels fitting today:America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. – #HONESTabe #PatronSaint #DEMOCRACYwinsHand to heart, friends.