The magical little Nordic cabin that youve never heard of, but you have to stay at.Just returned from a little socially distant holiday here-A under the radar gem owned by a young art historian – a living breathing art museum that you can drive to & book on VRBO.HERES OUR TOP 10 when you stay at this Door County hideaway:1. STAY @binkhaven Nordic paradise (a compound of buildings featured in House Beautiful decades ago & perfectly preserved).2. DISCOVER (by drive) the historic 1920s fairytale log cabins of Chapel Lane originally part of Frogtown Art Colony art therapy camp) for returning soldiers over a century ago.3. DRIVE up the coastline & visit the scenic outlooks (the ice takes over like sculpture). 4. SHOP Fish Creek Market -continuously in operation for 125 years, groceries & supplies for camp & cabin.5. SEE the STAVKIRKE – an Insanely beautiful Viking style Church on Washington Island.6. HIKE the wooded dozen acres around your cabin and beyond (bring your snow shoes) this first shot of CharlieGirl is right in Binkhavens backyard.7. ORDER the Swedish pancakes from Al Johnsons since 1949. (They keep goats to graze its sod roof). It has an authentic Swedish menu & curbside pick up to boot).8. READ your way through 6 decades of history of the art of rosemaling in the cottage.9. MAKE. epic dinners every night (or invite a friend who cooks)- thank you, @joeystevenson…. & set a tablescape with their house vintage china.10. RETURN. To hit up the supperclubs (so much that we didnt see this time, so we have to go back when its greener and things are opened back up).In 2021 were trying to find more secret little family run spots that are in driving distance – places prioritizing creativity over commerce.