FOUND! A kind stranger messaged us – they found an antique postcard talking about dining at the Wandawega Hotel ( post marked 1942) Rachelwas guest here back when Wandawega operated with a full restaurant. (we still have all these tables, chairs and dishes)OTHER THINGS WE FOUND:- this businesscard in the drawer of the old reception desk says Excellent Food- the 1950s brochure here (not sure what taste thrills are?)- the proprietor in his tophat (also bartender) – the first ad weve found so far (1920s)advertised steak dinners for $1.25Folks have given us lots of photos over the years of the Dining Hall days here.Were starting to dig out all the old restaurant stuff thats been packed away since the last time the guest dining hall operated here in 1961….and making plans to start something weve always wanted to do. cant wait to share!