well, this just made our day. week. month. year.DEPARTURES MAGAZINE:”The 15 chicest, most artistic boutique hotels in the U.S.- all of which are a labor of love for their small business owners This little wisco corner just got included in a fancy party round up for @DeparturesMag(In this crowd, were definitely the one strolling into the cocktail party in muddy bean Boots & a 70s tennis racket wrapped in medical tape)Our #WandawegaHillhouse may be the closest thing we have to offer folks as far as luxury goes But we also like knowing that the stars are our #1 luxury amenity. And we get to share that sky with everybody, regardless of threadcount.We always look forward to @MayaKach s lists – everything she writes about makes us want to go travel. (Like, right now.) In this story, shes included some of our favs that have been on our bucket list – especially these two that weve been dying to see: @washingtonschoolhouse and @troutbeck.ny (last couple pics)As well as our old friends at the best glamping resort in the world: @theresortatpawsup (which we can’t wait to go back to, Davids old buddy hosted us once – itis nothing short of paradise.)link to Mayas story: (on profile) https://www.departures.com/travel/hotels/independently-owned-luxury-boutique-hotelsThank you to our friends @bradandjen and @matt.scheffer for letting us use your photos@stancioff for being an overall rad human being, believing in the little guys.