The 10 reasons why you should open that @airbnb that youve been dreaming about. Now.Hi! Tereasa & David here (trying to get better about showing our faces once in a while to connect in a disconnected time).We fell into running this place. We got it to save it from getting demolished & gradually started renting. And we learned lots along the way.If youve been dreaming about that farmhouse to start a garden, that A-frame to host pop-up dinners, or pc of land for craft workshops…10 things that we wish somebody had told us – because we would have done this 10yrs sooner:1. It gives you a creative outlet & space to grow. Proof of the benefits of creative outlet: Harvard Business Reviews Purpose, Meaning & Passion. #GameChanger2. Its a built-in gym. If you are into clearing trails, digging out drainage ditches, stacking firewood, you’re set.3. Its an investment that pays back. Look for places you can rent to cover your mortgage, then grow it gradually. Do it on the side while you keep your day job. (Its what we do).4. In a pandemic, you have a place to work remotely. 5. Folks want to get away & need places that are easy to drive to, and social-distanced.6. Real estate is a good investment. If you buy a fixer upper & are handy, you can buy cheap and build your dream through sweat equity.7. You get to meet so many new folks – and then they get to share it with others too- expanding your circle 8. You are immersed in every season – It makes you plan for the future by Investing in the land & planning your future creative outlets.9. It gives you purpose bigger than profit. A place to donate to others (from Make a Wish Foundation to various NFP groups).10. There is no 10th. The # of ways it will change your life is infinite. Mentally, physically, spiritually.If theres one thing weve learned,its do it for the right reasons.If you go into it for the labor of love (vs wealth)& in the spirit of generosity….You’ll make your own definition of success. So just take the leap, youll figure it out as you go. There are so many resources to support our inspiring friend & long-time camper @pauloctavious #airbnb