Old things have soul.That tell their stories.When the article camp out in the @WSJ last month(about our little vintage campstore goods) it wiped out our vintage campstore inventory right away.Weve been slow to get it restocked. But happy to report that we just launched a new selection today.OUR STORY IS NOT NEW.We are still obsessed with telling forgotten stories here. The things that are past their prime & show the wear that only a long life can earn.We honor people, places and things that show their age.Cause In our youth/trend obsessed culture, its hard to survive even a single season.None of the things in our vintage shop are particularly fancy. But all of them are precious in some way.> A quiver of archery arrows in original deadstock packaging.> A set of study books for a Boyscout in the JFK era.> Pocketknives of bone & wood – from a time when everyone carried one, everyday.Because we’re overly nostalgic about giving old objects new life, weve been on a mission to hunt down the things that have layers. Then tell their stories and blow them back out into the world like dandelion seeds.Instagram has given us a greater breadth of support than we could have ever imagined – so itll be fun to see how far we can spread these little stories that piggyback on antique souvenirs & gifts.We think that If a pocketknife can still serve its intended purpose 50+ years later, then it deserves to still be put to good use.Most likely, the original owners of these things are long gone. Weve given their books/arrows/baskets a home for a while and now theyre looking for their next new home. Our store carries mostly our own old school custom throwback souvenirs, but it wouldnt be camp if we didnt include our fav vintage too.We like to think that theres a little bit of residual good karma that every object absorbs from their former owners (+ their time here).The shop (re) opens today. The only thing we like more than buying antiques is wrapping em up to send off to their new homes.(Last pic: how everything ships: even a card game gets the full treatment.) Our way of showing respect.