Long live the SKI-BOOSE See that little red sleigh behind our motor sled?These were built in Charlotte, Michigan. The company, (we think is General Aluminum Products) is still around today. For a while in the late 1960s and early ’70s, they made the snowmobile sleighs- aka the snow boose. (And also some little camper trailers and ice shanties) – check out this old ad for the kind you could ice camp in).This gal comes out of camp storage when the snow is crazy deep like we have now here in Wisco.David found both our 70s era Yamaha twins (& the sleigh) on Craigs list a decade ago for a song. They are cold blooded starters & feel like youre riding a cinder block. But wed still rather have these old gals than the modern flashy neon striped speed racers.Shes admittedly a little brittle, Is missing some cushions and cant see well (her windshield plastic is permanently fogged up from age) (Btw: I personally can relate to all of those issues).And we still love her anyway.Back in the day, dealers sometimes sold sleighs & sleds in matched color schemes & decals sets. But sadly many were abandoned in the barn or yard weeds and were picked up by scrappers in the mid-2000s (when Aluminum prices were at an all time high).Another reason to snag one if you see it pop up on Craigslist.- They literally do not make them like they used to. which is why we pickle ours at the end of every season, hoping shell be ready for another year once the snow hits.Heres to hoping well get a lot more years.Photos:@ambermiller9 (first)& @davidtsay (3,8)