The question were asked the most: Was everything already here when you bought the camp/ Where do you find stuff?The truth is that you cant be afraid to dumpster dive for that wooden chair.Charity shop dig.You have to be willing to be a gleaner.GLEANERglean (glen)1. To collect bit by bit: someone who gathers something in small pieces slowly and carefully. A collector. :: To gather what is left behind.To cull, sift, garner, reap, amass, pick, accumulate, harvest, select.Weve always been drawn to things that others leave behind (one mans trash).(Maybe because Wandawega itself was nearly condemned when we took over).We try to remember that everything was new once & loved. Before it gets worn out & left in an alley or thrift store.If theyre lucky,some of those things will get spotted by a gleaner who can see past the brokenness & give it a second chance.We should all be gleaners.Looking for old things that others no longer see the use for…whether those old things are objects, places or other people.Give them new purpose.Sometimes its just that simple act of seeingthat gives us purpose, too. 10 of our FAVE FINDS (& where we found them)> Clip-on ice skates: CHURCH CHARITY SHOP > Wicker side table ROADSIDE PICK. (Had a free sign on it)> Toboggan CRAIGSLIST (still has the old painted # on it from a sled> Set of guilded pheasant rocks glasses: SALVATION ARMY> Plaid wool 60s cape: THRIFT STORE in an old Circuit City space. It was at the bottom of a clothes by the lb. crate > Dining table – SALVAGED from an old parts store in Chicago that was getting demod. > Antler mount; JUNK SHOP Delevan (in an old NAPA store). Signed back, somebodys first buck.> Hudson Bay stripe pull over ELKHORN FLEA > shots 9+10 transferware teacups BROWN ELEPHANTSo if youre like us, looking for reccos for places to score vintage (design-on-a-dime style) we wrote a book about it. Documenting what we found here – Found, Free & Flea by @clarksonpotter (div of @randomhouse ). So heres to the gleaners,who know that usefulness isnt synonymous with youthfulness.Shot 1: @bobcoscarelli