2021 / 1940 Views here in the old camp lodge Alot of things have changed, not many of them within these walls.This used to be the “Wandawega Hotel” DiningHall (a supperclub for the resident guests). It was a common amenity for lake resorts of the time… except for one thing you cant see (on the other side of this room)If you walk through this room to the bar behind it.. then past the ‘PRIVATE’ sign in the (now) sunporch bedroom… there is a trapped door in the floor under the bed… That leads down into the old Rathskeller where Madame Anna Peck offered slot machines, girls and liqour during prohition.(It’s now our Campstore).This is a long-winded way of explaining what our inspiration has been for all the products in our little tourist souvenir shop. We like to think of every product as a story, that helps you time travel.We try to bring back souvenirs that aren’t made anymore. Collaborate with historic brands…but mostly, we try to think of what would have been served in the Wandawega hotel souvenir shop 50,60,95 years ago. This morning we’re sharing our new virtual camp store merch look book,full of all the little stories we’ve been collecting and stockpiling in the room in the back.where our Whiskey decanters and poker decks are out in broad daylight.To Download / peruse it, visit wandawega.com or our shopTo learn more about our mission of preservation. Visit :WandawegaHistory.org