HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this guy David is spending his birthday as he has wanted to for the last 20 fixing things, shoveling snow and in some way or another, making everyones life around him better.If theres a more patient / kind / hard working human, weve never met them.He never wants a party. Hates having a fuss made. Hes impossible to buy for. (He still prefers our daily driver 16 year old Jeep to birthday shopping for an upgrade)He says that all the gifts he wants today is to sleep in late with Frankie (our mutt) for Charlie to make him a card, and maybe get a gluten free bagel.Today hes getting his list, a couple more little surprises…& all of our gratitude for being the GOAT dad + partner in crime.He will not be happy that I posted another picture of him. (Sorry not sorry, cause its one of my favorites, he asked me where his glasses were right after our friend took this). Now we both do that almost everyday to each other and will until were 101. (There is nobody else I wanna turn into a raisin with.)Sending everybody for the happiest of Valentines Day (and double if it also happens to be your birthday, too).Love,Tereasa, Charlie, & Frankie