The new canteen, our latest guest amenity, is opening this spring!Question:Does anybody else find zen in working on the tiniest details? Fonts from the 30s.Sourcing paper handle coffee cups from the 60s.Finding, then rubber-stamping half peck apple bags, making custom sugar cube packaging, napkins, stirrers, vintage newspaper retail displays, creating guest room custom menu postcards. Im finding that sometimes focusing on the detail and process of design is better than meditation.Or maybe Im just going crazy.But if its the latter – Im ok with it.Cause the tiniest little grocery store at camp might be my new favorite spot.Cant wait to open its little screen door to the outside tiny patio when this snow drift melts (that is currently 4 up blocking the door).Also – this first shot of Charlie…How is she ten already. Where did my baby go??Photos @bobcoscarelli @_lifeinfocuss (last shot)