WHO REMEMBERS?Before Instagram was a thing, hosts would put crappy disposable cameras on tables at weddings & partiesSo that after everybody left, you’d get to open the surprise envelope at the photo developer& get to see the same event/vacation spot/party you were at through other peoples eyes.It was a way to relive it.Of course, risk was that you never knew whose hands it would end up in, or what they would shoot.(The little kid who would burn the whole roll on photos of things only at his height,or the inevitable drunk friend flashing shots.)But you would get some keepers, too.And it was always worth it.’cause doing this helped us all appreciate our collective experience more.And then extend the feeling of being connected by a place even when were not in the actual picture.Its a trigger.( I was just there! I remember doing a shot/ski at that exact same spot at the tipi – that’s the place we rolled the canoe)Now, we all have that feeling on tap, when we look up photos that weve been tagged in.Or the feed of a place, space or time of year.We just tried it this morning, and It gave us all the feels.The 10 shots here are little moments we found we’ve been tagged in recently taken by winter guests (except the chef’s TB).And now that were all so physically disconnected,this is a little life hack that’s helped us cope with being cooped up.It helps us tap into connection through shared experience, at a shared place.We want to see more of what you see – so were starting a little series of pulling together fave posts that folks have tagged us in.Normally, youd find us most weekends belly up at the BYOB airstream bar with visiting campers.We look forward to that day again.In the meantime, tagging each other is one way that helps everyone feel a little less socially distant,and a lot more connected.Thankfully, we now have better camera resolution First up in our shared series:@sarahkcottrell ( cheers & metro)@dodgerie_ (Kitchen)@ambermiller9 (treehouse)@thepickledprince (chef)@_lifeinfocus (treehouse)@ahutchgram. (Pickup)@books.places.bookstores. ( treehouse)@youngisthenewblack