We just added 3 more (socially distanced) nearby cabin rentals to our must book list.@milwaukeemag just announced what may be our favorite round-up: Adorable cabins within 90 miles drive of MilwaukeeEXCERPT:Too often you see a cute Wisconsin cabin on Airbnb or Instagram and then, after noting the location, realize its a few hundred miles from Milwaukee. Thankfully there are adorable cabins decked out with design-driven decor and tucked into a woodsy or waterfront setting that are only an hour-and-a-half away. Its easy to practice social distancing when theres, um, nobody else around and not have to worry about being seated too close to another table at a restaurant or being elbowed in a hotel”Cont…Chicagoan Tereasa Surratts Wisconsin vacation retreat (where the designer hunkers down with her daughter and husband) is also a spot where major brands like Crate & Barrel and Anthropologie not to mention actress Reese Witherspoon have hosted photo shoots, drawn to the campy decor with a vintage vibe. When you bunk in the side-by-side historic cabins (Cedar Cabins exterior is forest-green and Log Cabins white perfect for a group traveling together) you also get access to the lakes private beach and Adirondack chairs surrounding a fire pit. Also on the property are a treehouse, tee-pees, sports courts, boats and canoes. Although there arent kitchens, you can go old school by grilling outside and using an outdoor washing sink, storing food in an indoor mini-fridge.UPDATE:Although the 2 little side by side cabins are currently buried in a snowdrift (so we wont have them back open again for another couple of months). We have other winter cabins & options open for rentals.*the last 3 pics here (Cascade Wisconsin designed by @maaike_interiors ) is my FAV – we just booked our stay this morning *first two shots here : camps little log cabin Photos: @BobCoscarelli (image 2) & @svetlanadamiani (image 1) Thanks, @kristineahansen for the inclusion