It officially launched this week!SoooIve been working on a secret squirrel team for the last year… applying the branding side of my brain to helping cultivate a passion project with friends @skoogdunagan & Kelly @thejugglcreating something that personally Ive found to be a game changer (Speaking as a woman struggling to juggle career/ parenting/ running a business / just trying to put on a pair of actual pants in the morning)I needed help. And I didnt know where to begin to look.(Beyond Brene Brown)…. then I realized that what I really needed was to get help from other women who I look up to (who are trying to keep the same plates spinning).So I found it, and finally after a year of secrecy I get to tell folks about it.Its called theJUGGL Its a platform to support career women in all of our bazillion competing life priorities by bringing Mentors (with legit creds) to a space where members can learn from them, connect with them and go deeper with them through private mentorship.We already have 30+ expert Mentors on the platform that have their own Profiles- so you can get to know & speak with them directly. (Also, if youre like me and just like to get lost in the rabbit hole of other womens inspirational stories & advice… it has massive amounts of content to explore).This week were launching theJuggl Live Series, to talk about the hard stuff that were all dealing with (featuring live moderated sessions with our Mentors – with open community discussion).Excited to share this with yall. But honestly- Im even more excited that its now live so I actually use it (because I didnt know how much I needed it until I finally got honest with myself) … to get some help from some inspirational lady bosses.Im grateful to have been asked to a part of bringing this to life and humbled to serve on the advisory board for something that i find the most rewarding -Helping other women. TheJUGGL.comMuch love and props to these insanely talented design friends for lending their talents, time and vision :@steve_hahn_ @silashelm @erinsarofskyThanks, @warbyparker for visiting and for taking this little Portrait in my fav spot