Axes & hooch. You cant have enough of either. “In 1925, two wealthy Chicago businessmen open the Wandawega Hotel, an all-American lakeside getaway nestled in the Wisconsin woods. In reality, the hotel is an illicit moonshine joint. Chicagoans looking for a vacation from the inconvenient restrictions of prohibition come, stay and imbibe.By 1928, organized crime has taken up residence. The hotel property is outfitted for liquor distribution with multiple exists, trapdoors and hidden hatches to conceal stockpiles of hooch. And here, this is the part of the story that gets intriguing… Hang up your hat, pour yourself a little something and settle in. We’re hooked.”We love when friends retell our history- thanks @bestmadeco for paying us a visit. (next time y’all come please freel to leave everything behind- we have been known to put camp gear to good use)Behind the scenes & some pics from their visit here.#BestMadeCo