NOW HIRING ((( ON )))DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHOD BE INTO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING?Setting up a tipi.Hauling firewood.Erecting canvas cabins.Rescuing escaped canoes & hurt animals.Building bonfires.Trimming trees.Raking the beach.Restocking archery gear.Carving out hiking trails.Cleaning out smokers.Clearing camp recycling bins.Painting piers.Planting wildflowers.Cleaning the craft cabin.Repairing hatchets, rackets, oars, bike fleet… basically everything (this place & all thats in it is OLD)Were hiring for an outsdoorsy type. …But before you start lacing up your boots & polishing your “OFFICIAL CAMP COUNSELOR” badge, you should know what you’d be getting into. DO YOU LIKE TO WORK IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS?There are so many campfires to stock & every time you clean a camp grill you’ll swear you just did this (cause usually you did). We have to pump out the boats every time it rains. Glamorous it is not. Hardy work that will earn you a six-pack, it is. There’s a lot to do- we all pitch in, and we’re looking for someone who can find the zen in emptying their 100th trash bin to keep the raccoons at bay. ARE YOU LOOKING TO PICK UP BASIC HANDY PERSON SKILLS?This place was built 100 yrs ago… so we have a never-ending repair list. If you’re interested in building the skills it takes to fix it (or make it) yourself, this is a good place to start learning the ropes. You don’t need a ton of experience, just a willingness to learn, a desire to do things well (& a strong back doesn’t hurt, either) DO YOU WANT TO SPEND TIME IN NATURE?That’s where we are 90% of the time.Sometimes in the rain. (So gear up, ’cause unless you’re made of sugar you aren’t gonna melt.)If you aren’t scared off yet, you might be one of us & ready to join our small but mighty team DEETS:+ DATES: May – Sep (time is negotiable)+ TIMES: 20-40 hrs /week (fluctuates and is negotiable)* we try to be flexible so our hourly rate compensation is also negotiable based on relevant experience. Our camp, hearts & minds are always open to and welcome all applicants Interested? Tell us why Apply by April 1