Ive been seeking a muse for home/design life.Then someone gave me the new issue of @magnolia journal- the theme is “Beholding the beauty of the here and now (which has been the hardest thing as of late- struggling with the life juggle these past months). I can relate to what theyre taking about in these pages. I read it cover to cover. I needed to hear some inspiring stories from others- So then I almost teared up (Lie. I am totally welling up as I type this)when I flipped to almost the last page to find a little piece of Camp Wandawega tucked into one of the stories.The features about how @GraduateHotels goes deep on the history of a place to tell its unique back story. My favorite qoute from founder Ben Weprin talking about his approach to his hotels.”It’s like having a home that’s been in the family for years, you want to layer it with love and warmth, so you’re not just going to the furniture store to get everything. you might frame a picture from a camping trip next to a 40-year-old piece of art from a flea market. Each piece has meaning.”(um…this is our love language. 100% Amen to this)The collaboration we did with them was our fav! and this morning it’s got me revisiting our original design boards & other outtakes from the finished product.It feels like home away from home (errr. Camp). If you’re also doing some soul-searching, looking for ways to get inspired, to take on projects of meaning & purpose, you have to check out this issue.itsjust. so. good.photos of @graduatehotels by @bobCoscarelli