planting dreams for next year.(we heard through the grapevine that we have one more big snow coming. and that it will be the last for this season)So we’re getting ready to welcome back our ‘tiny houses in the snow’ here at camp one more timeThen, we’re off and running to a new beginning for a new year, after a really hard one.After 15 years of having it waiting on our ‘camp wish list’… we finally rebuilt the originaly 1920’s stone terrace walls on the back on lodge facing the lake.and planted a bazillion bulbs – so this spring we’ll finally (fingers crossed) have our new (very long awaitd) flower cutting garden!we’ve never done bulbs here before. (so we have no idea what we’re doing- thank for for Google)Just hoping that all those little baby sleeping bulbs that have been waiting since fall are ready to make their debut.They sure will be a sight for sore eyes.Weve been trying to do one thing a year that forces us to invest in dreams & ideas that we won’t see come to life for year or beyond.Whether that’s applying for building permits, planting fruit trees, or dreaming of future cutting gardens. we have a hard time being patient,but if this past year has taught us one thing, is that anything worth having is worth the wait. Vaccines & flowers for all. In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours. -Mark TwainPhotos by @sdamiani