We just moved into Frank Lloyd Wrights Seth Peterson Cottage (on Mirror Lake, Wisco) for a socially distanced vaca. And you can, too. For the price of a standard urban hotel room, you get to literally take over the totally secluded wooded acres in Mirror Lake State Park right on the water. This is what we did, and highly recommend to anybody else whos into architecture, crafting, hiking, reading – basically all things old school vacation vibe1. READ.In gorgeous house FLW history library of vintage books (pic 3)2. SHOP.Hit up the local pottery shop (were restocking bisque for the Camp Craft Cabin & the fudge shops to restock the canteen candy jars (pic 7)3. VISIT.the old 50s era hotels on the main Dells strip… to collect brochures from tourist racks to stick in our new Camp visitors center pic 4)4. EXPLORE.the 90+ year old Trading Post (scored some deerskin Minnetonkas & a treasure trove of deadstock souvenirs & postcards-Pic 8)5. HIKE. Hiking the trails down to canoe on the dock to see first hand why they call it Mirror Lake6. SOAK. up the epic FLW stone fireplace, (the cottage has its own woodshed just to keep the fires burning -pic 2)7. DINE.at 4:30 dinner (before everybody else rolls in) at the infamous Del-Bar supper club designed by Franks protege James Dresser (pic 10)8. WATCH.Catch the sunrise on the cantilevered stone patio and sunset on the dock.9. PLAY.Hit up the house game closet. Stocked with every old school game you could ever want (pic 5)10. FEED.the birds in the MCM feeder using the house supply of seed + bird watching books (pic 9)David voluntarily serves on the board of directors for the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust (we like to promote the preservation of historic homes and lodges – especially those in Wisconsin) SethPeterson.org#SethPetersonCottage #FrankLloydWright @flwtrust 1st photo: sethpeterson.org *note: David & Charlie didnt go into all places since he is waiting for his shot, I was able to mask up & speed shopbecause I got my vaccination. be safe, friends