It seems crazy that for a couple hundred bucks, you can move into the last house Frank Lloyd Wright designedIt was his smallest commission, both in physical scale and fee. And the last one he took in his lifetime. He died at 91 in 1959.A 24-year old Seth Peterson shared a birthday with Frank, and it was a life long FLW Fanatic. So when Seths original lake cottage burned down in an accident, he took a shot in the dark to fulfill his obsession/dream of building a Frank Lloyd Wright house.At the time, it was rumored that Frank was hard up for money. So in an attempt to coax him into designing a small cottage, he wrote to Frank and included a check for $500. It worked. In need of funds, Frank cashed the check (which ultimately served as the contract to design Seth a home).Even at 91, Frank was able to design the most spectacular, tiny cottage but unfortunately he died before the house was completed (and Seth also met his own tragic demise almost immediately after).You have to watch the documentary Jewel In The Woods to learn the incredibly sad backstory of what happened to Seth but the house ended up getting finished by someone else, and then fell into the hands of the DNR then became abandoned & eventually fell apart. (at one point vandals started ripping siding off to burn in the fireplace, and pillaging the interior for scrap).Until a group of volunteers rallied together to raise 300K to bring it back to its former glory. it is an incredible space.We stayed for a few days & just got back to camp last night. (All these shots are from our stay).We feel like everybody should know about this place and its story. David volunteers on the board of directors for @FLWTrust (Frank Lloyd Wright Trust) so weve been on a mission for years to support and rent as many of Franks historic masterpieces as possible. Were on our 3rd one so far this year.The mission of the trust is to engage, educate and inspire through Wrights design legacy & preservation of his work for future generations.We are here for for more details