When we first met, David asked me if I wanted to come over to see his beer can collection. We almost didnt have a 2nd date. 22 years later, we still have boxes of cone top cans and pull tabs in the back rafters. That was also about the time we also started collecting church keys.With every candle and can of syrup we ship out of the camp store, we throw in a can piercer (Some know it as a church key,)… one end is a for punching can holes and the other is a bottle cap lifter. Our model is called Royal Roy, and we tie off the end with a leather boot lace & our house souvenir sticker. We have a soft spot for the everyday things folks take for granted – its why we have amassed an embarrassing amount of vintage Pabst can openers, that youll find in every kitchen drawer here. SOME USELESS FACTS THAT WE CANT HELP BUT FIND FASCINATING :+ World’s Largest Collection of Bottle Openers Guinness Book of World Records = 32,411+ The pop-top beer can, 1959, made can piercers a thing of the past. (Except for bottled beer & soda, which still needed an opener)+ One issue with pop-top cans was that the person could choke on the pop tab if it was dropped into the can. (Jeez, can you imagine?) By the 1970s, a stay-tab can was introduced by Coors solving this problem.+ The Handbook of United States Beer Advertising Openers and Corkscrews” Pictures over 2,000 types. Enthusisasts call it the BibleIf you really nerd out on this stuff, rejoice in knowing there are others out there like you. You can join just-for-openers.org and hit up the national convention. We might just need to make a road trip.Shots:Pic 1: our house candle (needs the bottle cap end)Pic 5: our church keys Pic 6: our camp brand syrup (needs the piercing end)Pic 7: how everything comes wrapped