Winner !! @katepearsall Giveaway!A crate just showed up at the camp gates filled with all of our dreams. Spoiler alert:guests this season are about to get a @bestmadeco upgrade. We cant wait to start outfitting our little camp corners & quarters. A few new tools & gear will find a home alongside the vintage equipment that weve been sourcing for decades (from barn sales to farm auctions, the hunt has become a second job… that we love) Unboxing this morning, I realized that the axe shipping crate might actually be nicer than my first college apartment.Its just too good to throw away- so weve decided to give it away instead. so if anybody wants to give a custom long wooden axe crate a good a home, were gonna fill it with camp swag-y things and ship it to you. (drop a comment below & well pick one tomorrow)*sorry we arent giving away the actual axe itself with the box- (but its legit the nicest gift anybodys ever given us) so to try to ease our guilt, we promise to pack the box with as many little throwback camp souvenirs and gifts as we can fit in there. (Last shot here is the starting point of what it will come with but we are throwing in some surprises, too)my grandpa always said that when somebody gives you something, you need to give something away to another person- Thanks to our friends and Wisconsin neighbors for the chance to share little things that make us happy. #bestmadecoThe best shots here from their last visit with us – the bad ones are my iPhone