Welcome to the new Camp Directors office!This is where youll find @ahutchgram – (thanks to @bhwoodworks for the elbow grease)If walls (and this desk) could talk! We shared a bit about its backstory in our 4/2 post. This little room with a view is where the schedules are made, programming is designed, camp staff is managed. Its stocked with bullhorns and whistles, scout manuals and clipboards. Its where Abe watches over and the flag still waves. (Every self respecting Scoutmasters den had to display them). This space needed to come equipped with a rack for a directors hat and a place to keep your boots.This is the desk that came with this place – the one that hid the last remaining copy of the 1925business card & bears the address rubber stamp (zoom into shot 5). This was back when phone numbers only had 3 digits. This is the room with the crooked floor with the trapdoor for hiding bourbon.This is the room where plans will be hatched for future cabins (and someday if we are lucky – a real pavilion like most summer camp have… were saving our pennies).This is the room that reminds us that nothing worth having comes easy. Welcome to the new Camp Directors Office. The door’s always open. (Partially due to its broken lock).Lamp, file tray, cabinet and radio from our friends at @deconstructioninc