Time Travelers Wanted. THE TOURIST STOP.Weve never felt official.(& still get Imposters syndrome every time we show up in press alongside real hotels)Those that have a concierge & a towering brochure rack in a lobby when you check in.We’ve always wanted one of those shiny official tourist literature racks. For small businesses along along Americas byways (like route 12 where we are) it says :Were worth making a stop for”Makes a place feel more official. So after 97 years, we got one!(found in warehouse on the west coast)These racks acted as the original travel agent- Youd go to the train depot & peruse for your next adventure.Back in the 1940’s the primary mode of public transport was still by bus.The US was beginning to open up to travelers- but a family car and the birth of the modern road trip was still a ways off for most Americans, But for 67 hours a vacationer could watch out their window as the scene changed from Pueblo architecture, to the farmland of the Great Plains.Even to little resort towns in Wisco. (3rd shot: taken at the bus stop at the end of Wandawega drive.) Travel modes have changed, but one thing remains : Sightseers need sights to see. So now that we finally found a 30s bus stop Tourist rack to fill…. Weve started researching attractions that are still around- that the day tripper from Wandawega might have visited in 20s-60s.The challenge – is that most brochures have been modernized with cheesy colors, fonts & clip art.so we found their original brochures on Online the for each slot….supper clubs and fish fries, parks to museums… all the attractions within a couple hours of us.Our fav part of this rack is that it came with its original hand- painted Art Cards ( top row edges and 2nd row center)They are the original bus line ads that lured travelers to u known adventures. Visiting time travelers looking for ideas, start here! at our new WANDAWEGA TOURIST STOP *We just gave it that name so we feel 1% more official FOR FELLOW HISTORY NERDS:>Shot 9: 1943 Esther Bubley spent a month photographing the people traveling cross country >Shot 3&4 Wisco tourism promo in c