Welcome to the Mess Hall.Sadly, a 100 year old Girl Scout Camp up the road just sold liquidating everything in an auction. The now empty main lodge may also be slated for demo. We hated to see it close, and tried to rescue as much as we could from the sale.(More posts coming later on this we got a lot.)Our favorite thing that we were able to salvage was the entire lodge full of the original vintage craft tables and benches (which are now outfitting our mess hall).They are the perfect National Park Green paint on the legs and matching benches, with a painted patina earned from the hands of generations of campers.Theyre under the Big top….Which has its own story.The 4th generation, 130 year old Gallagher Tent and Awning Madison, Wisco. has been making tents for the Walworth County Fair for over a hundred years.(Hand-sewn canvas striped with scalloped white trim edges )After seeing their hand-stenciled logos on their tents at the fair, we got in touch with the great grandson – and were so excited to hear that they still had a vintage one in stock- its now our Messhall tent. They repair and clean it for us every year. Not sure how much longer its going to last, but were determined to keep it as long as it will have us. Because they literally dont make them like they used to.We are drawn to the things that show their stories in layers.When youre here next dining in the Mess Hall tent, look closer at the stories painted & carved into the tables.Shot 2: the new home for the OG Camp Pottawatomi Hills Girl Scout Camp tables and & benches – seats 10 each. We got 11 sets.