GIVEAWAY!Of our newest addition to the campstore THE CAMPFIRE COMPANIONWant one? Drop us a line below with your favorite campfire song (were picking three winners tomorrow). Due to their size, these where carried by soldiers in WWIIABOUT:Your harmonica arrives in a little matchbox1 inch long and can play a full octave in the key of C.Unlike other harmonicas that have cheap divets and plastic cover plates, ours is built exactly like a full sized harmonica, each instrument is put together by hand with screws & nuts. It has 4 holes that produce 8 notes – making it possible to play a good bunch of songs – it comes on a ball chain for your keys, belt loop or necklace. And has brass tag with its original name: Mouth Organ. Comes with a little songbook with five favorite old school campfire songs: GEORGIA WORKING ON THE RAILROAD HOME ON THE RANGE NATIONAL ANTHEM AMERICA THE BEAUTIFULOurs is Made in the US by our friends at Bushman harmonica company, but a century ago, there were dozens of makers across the country putting these out with names from PEE WEE to LITTLE LADY.& LITTLE WONDER- We are obsessed with their history.Scroll to end to check out this video we found to see the master (that you have to check out) Ben Toury playing one of these 1inch minis- hes playing on a historic brand Hohner- which was the original tiny harmonica and inspired us to seek out a maker for ours. (Their old ad here from the 20s shows how they marketing their little lady as Americas Sweetheart )The best part of the history of the minis?A century ago you could get a dozen of these for two bucks.