A PROMISE TO A HOUSE (and a lady we never got to meet)*Celebrating this woman like everyday is international womens dayThis is the story of the owner of the hillhouse. (Wrote this a few years ago when we finished the rehab & we started to move in)Dear House,Its been 90-plus years since someone moved into you for the very first time – a little fishing cabin on a tiny lake.3 years ago when we started your resurrection we tried to save as much of you as we could. But In the process, we found that too much was too far gone.We did manage to save some of your bones: your old creaky floors are still underneath the new ones. Your cellar staircase still lies beneath the shiny replacement. A piece of one of your old beams has become your new fireplace manteland the walls will be hung with the memory of one of your former owners (a Ziegfeld Girl-turned-LadyBoss-mom-of-four, Ruth Foster Froemming, who was the 1st woman to run for Mayor of Milwaukee). House, your wooden skeleton beneath your shiny new siding will keep us grounded – your foundation reminding us of nearly a century that you brought a warm spot to blue collar vacationers visiting a tiny Wisconsin lake.Today is the day you will be moved into again for the first time. The day you get your new lease on life. We are going to fill you with everything that we love, and share you with everyone that we love. We promise to extend your days long after ours are done – in hopes that another 90 years from now, you will still be serving your intended purpose. A little house by a little lake where people can do the exact same things generations before us have done here. Exhale. ( *we hope you like what weve done with the place Ruth * ). #wandawegahillhouse1&2 shots: @bobcoscarelli