Surprise!OUR NEW GUEST AMENITY:The Wardrobe Department :.For those of us who remember the scene in Dirty Dancing where the resort staff bring wigs, costumes for cocktail-fueled dress-up afternoons. Or the backstage theater costume department scene in Moonrise KingdomThis is for you. (And us, because weve got a shopping addiction bordering on hoarding – and this HAD to be stocked).Sharing the first of a few posts this week of some of the things guests will get to try on (last pic here is the growing inventory).Weve started with mostly vintage mixed with some custom masks, some of our fav Moonrise characters, historic characters and a menagerie of woodland creatures.Since most folks already use camp as a stage, we want to give yall a hand.FOUR FAVS COSTUMES to try on for size:1. 1940 girls out troop leader2. Moonrise raven 3. The Hunter bear 4. Fantastic Mr FoxThanks @nathanmichael, friends and fam for the pics