FREE BEERComing this spring.Newest guest amenity-When you check in, youll get issued a camp wooden nickel, redeemable for one icy cold brew in the newly coined Beer delivery van at the gate.We found the original maker in Texas thats been crafting wooden nickels for the past 50 years on the same press. The American tokens first got popular in the 30s as a popular hand out from everybody from banks to boy scout troops for events. They werent legal tender, just novelty coins redeemable most often for a free drink issued by merchants. (The first designs where modeled after the standard stock buffalo motif struck by the US Mint from 1913 to 1938).’Cause nothing says welcome to Wisconsin more than cracking open a cold one. TRUTH: The real reason we built this out is to welcome an extra special collaboration that’s coming this summer. HINT: It’s both old and new. And it will get you drunk if you steal all your fellow camper’s wooden nickels.DOWN THE HATCH, CAMPERS!